Remember when I said I didn't keep up with blogging very well?  Well, half of that statement is true in this case but the thoughtful elegance I desired my words to have were just not being produced in my mind.  However, with more than two months past one of the best setting experiences of my career and Nationals already over, my literary brilliance would have to be saved for my next groundbreaking post about impacts or what shoes I wear.

People say that Facebook is a waste of time.  They say that my face glued to the phone in the RA group makes me seem obsessive, that I'm trying too hard.  It's shocking because if I was surrounded by a group of routesetters,  would you not expect me to completely geek out and just brain dump everything I wanted to share about my experiences?   This isn't unlike my personaility, love it or hate it.   But, for some, it has been told to me that they can look past the freqeuncy, focus on my words, and realize that this is produced based on pure enthusiasm for what I have chosen to make my career.  This time, a name that I was familiar with for only the name itself,  posted in our favorite routesetting venue that he was looking for full time routesetter, preferably a woman, to join The Front's team with their first appearance at 2015 Divisionals.  While I knew that a change of scenery full time was impossible with a lease and another person and career to consider, I took a shot in the dark and contacted Mike Bockino for the first time.

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