Forerunning for the SBSX

Last Friday, I was fortunate to join a hard working group of people at the Spot to assist in forerunning and ordering routes for this past weekend's Spot Bouldering Series X Parkour Jam.  I love climbing at The Spot (and certainly need to go more often) because of the vastly differing styles of setting in comparison to the Boulder Rock Club.  Problems tend to be more dynamic and "comp-style"(obviously it was a competition), featuring run starts, jump starts, dynos and brute style hard moves on pinches and slopers.

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Let's Set the Tone

I've never been able to keep a blog.  I always have something to say, but never found the right time and place to say it.  I always have something to share, but never thought that anyone cared to listen.  I guess there was never a time or a place in my life that my contributions to the climbing world, or the routesetting world, or even the Internet, seemed relevant.  Let's try this yet again.

This blog, Setting the Tone, is designed to share my personal insights and experience in my climbing and routesetting career, but it is also built to share thoughtful information, market research from others, advice to all who care to listen, and at some point, some other nifty tidbits such as contests, promotions, and news in the industry.

First, here's a little background on me:

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